Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Happy Elder!

Notice how the first words out of this email exclaim his happiness for his friends!  Not Dear Mom and Dad, or How are you?  And...that is exactly what I love about this young man!  He wants happiness for others and is truly overjoyed by his friend's good news!


Josh got his call to Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome!! He has been talking to me about going on a mission for about a month now.  I didn't even know that he turned in his papers!! Ben leaves in a couple of days and Koa is expecting his call in a couple of days!! This is crazy!! I am so excited for all my friends. As I have looked back on time I have seen so many people accept the call of President Monson and of God for all worthy able Priesthood holders to serve a mission. That is honestly the coolest thing in the world to me!! Josh enters the MTC Dec 8 so that is way cool!! I could never be more proud of him than I am now!!
So I'm so glad you guys had a great time at Powell and I'm glad Alex was a great help!! He is a great kid for sure! and  so is Jordan.  Being on the outside looking in I see all the little miracles that are happening in our family.  I know that Heavenly father is looking over you guys. Hopefully Alex  can get lined up with a good looking LDS girl.  But I'm having a great time.  I was a little down last week but that was because i was being selfish. I understand that all missionary work is a process whether your planting or harvesting. Its the same work. we have two ibd for sept 28 and a couple Sundays ago I received a witness from the spirit that they would be baptized. He is really awesome and I'm seeing the changes he is making in his life to become clean and repent of his sins in order to be baptized!! I love this gospel and I love serving here.   I learn so much every day its really cool. Dad that rig looks super dangerous hahah I'm surprised you didn't wear out the brakes. But I'm so glad you are all safe now and I'm glad that family is safe!! Yes,  I got my ingrown toenail removed.

things I need in my package.
Shaving cream
and whatever else you want to put in it. love you guys so much I will send some pics this week hopefully it works.
Love Your Son
Elder Hansen
(  During his email time he found out where his friend Koa was called.  Background story on this is that Christmas of his senior year, Riley's friend Kyle invited Riley and Koa to spend Christmas in The Philippines with his family, they are from there.  They went and had a great time!  Riley fell in love with it there.  So, it was quite a surprise when Riley was called to the Philippines.  Then the spring of this year, Kyle turned in his papers and was also called to the Philippines, a different mission, in Naga.  A side story to this is that Kyle's dad served a mission in Manila and served with and Elder Anderson.  Now Elder Anderson's son, Ian also got called to serve in the Philippines in Naga, same as Kyle.  So two dads and two sons each serving in same missions in the Philippines!  Now on with the story.  So Koa decided to serve a mission.  He turned in his papers and just received his call to yes, The Philippines!  In Manila! More than a coincidence in my book!  Why?  We have yet to find out!  The Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways!)
Koa is going to Manila Philippines Mission!!!!!!! How nuts is that all of us went to Philippines together two Christmases ago and now we all return!
Love, Elder Hansen


New Companion!

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