Sunday, July 21, 2013


July 21 2013

Alright so let me start out with how our week went. It went a lot better than the week before lets put it that way. haha Yesterday at church we had a nanay come to church for the first time and also a new investigator named Omar who is a teacher at a high school here. He is really smart and has great questions. He seems super interested in what we have to teach him so that's good. We also had a funny lesson with him last night, we were talking about where we came from, and Elder Barney asked him, " brother do you know where this baby came from?" as he was pointing to the plan of salvation pamphlet. And Brother got kind of awkward and said well yeah from biological parents and then he got super awkward and said that he was shy to talk about stuff like that. So it was just funny the train of thought he had when we asked him that question, because he thinks more scientifically, {he is a teacher} he thought more worldly.   But then I told him "brother did you know we have a Father of  flesh and a Father of our spirits?" Then I expounded on that. He just seemed really enlightened about where we came from so it was a fun lesson. I am also seeing great improvements in my Tagalog so far this transfer and since I have arrived here my language skills have improved immensely!! We have four ibds right now.  Our couple are planning on getting married on Aug. 10 so that is their baptismal date as well. The girl's mom has been super hard headed always nice but hard  and stubborn. But ever since we went over to their house one day and pulled weeds she has softened up a ton and even went to church on Sunday. And then our last ibd is a little kid of a less active part member family, so if we can return the family we will be able to baptize her as well. The work has been really fun and I'm very happy this week. I cant believe that July is like 10 days away from being over.. it blows ;my mind how fast time goes by. But yeah I've been doing good now that I have a nice ole package here and what not haha. But I honestly don't need anything material wise, it would be cool if you could send me a new journal just like the leather one you bought me before my mission so that I can continue later on. Because yes dad for the most part I have been writing everyday. This transfer I have so for the rest of my mission I will!! But yeah I'm pretty sure I will stay in my first area for one more transfer after this , so that will be from March 29 to Sept 10 or something like that. haha a long time in one area but its all good. We have one area in our mission now called 100 islands the Finnemans will know what that is. Ask them about it hopefully,  I will go there in my mission.!!
 Anyways I love you guys a ton keep strong and try to become missionaries for our ward back home. 
The missionaries need your help I promise!!
Love,  Elder Hansen

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